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Amazing Turmeric Benefits

by Karyn Michelle Wofford


When I think of turmeric, I think of a strange, sweet spice used in Indian dishes. I’m not a huge fan of the stuff, which is unfortunate, because I’ve been missing out on some awesome health benefits.


Inflammation plays a huge factor in disease and insulin resistance. Turmeric is a powerful source against all types of inflammation, improving insulin absorbtion, thus improving blood sugar levels.

Improved Brain Function

High blood sugar takes a toll on the brain, sometimes causing serious issues such as strokes and Alzheimer’s disease. We need to do all we can to protect it.


We are exposed to toxins every day that negatively impact our bodies. Free radicals are created, which cause cell damage, ultimately leading to cancer. By eating antioxidant rich foods, we counteract free radicals, reducing our risk for illness.

Relieves Arthritis

Diabetes is associated with pain disorders like arthritis and fibromyalgia. The cause is likely related to nerve damage that can be caused by out of control glucose levels. Turmeric can ease the pain and reduce the inflammation around the joint.

Boosts Immunity

Every diabetic knows the simplest illness could land them in the hospital. Definitely not convenient and certainly a little scary. Lots of natural foods keep our immune systems in good condition, turmeric is one of those foods.

Depression Fighter

Strangely, depression seems to be very common in diabetics. High blood sugar affects the part of the brain that controls emotion. Taking a daily dose of turmeric can lift your spirits and reduce depression long term.

Controls Blood Sugar

Like cinnamon, turmeric is one of those spices that improve insulin sensitivity and absorbtion. Sprinkle some organic turmeric powder over dinner and see if you notice a difference.


Diabetics often struggle with digestion. Many nights I find my self really nauseated, partially because my food just won’t go through my system. Turmeric is a great digestive aid. Tea may help too. Taka turmeric coconut tea is a double whammy and can prevent night time nausea all together. The warmth of the beverage helps relax your stomach so tonight’s baked chicken can pass more easily.

Liver Detox

The liver takes a beating, since it filters toxins out of the food we eat. Let’s face it, we don’t always eat organic veggies, nuts and seeds, and the liver pays. The yellow spice draws toxins out of liver, allowing it to function properly and preventing disease.

Natural Lipitor

If you are lucky enough not to be on it, Lipitor is a drug that lowers cholesterol. However, earth has provided us with things that natural pull the heart clogging stuff from our bodies. Don’t drop you medicine regimen yet because a sudden halt in statins could cause a vengeful cholesterol accumulation. Add turmeric into your diet and speak with your doctor about a temporary reduction and see how things go.

If You Just Can’t Take the Taste


Some people just hate turmeric. Once I found out about the benefits, it suddenly became much easier to get the stuff down. Taka offers it in pill form, which can be taken with meals. I do encourage you to try the tea, it has a great flavor plus you are hydrating at the same time. You can also add Taka’s smoothie powder into frozen health drinks, which is super delicious. Regardless of how you take it, this is certainly one simple, powerful way to enhance your health.


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