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The Benefits of Gum Chewing

from Karyn Michelle Wofford


Several years ago, I would buy Extra gum and chew up to a half pack every day. Gum is actually good for you for many reasons.

  1. Gum keeps your teeth clean. Being diabetic, my mouth gets dry due to lack of saliva. This can cause rapid decay and plaque build up because there’s not much there to rinse the junk away. Gum stimulates saliva and its sticky texture makes for a great tooth cleaning tool.
  2. It curbs hunger. Sometimes we just want something, even though we aren’t hungry. Popping a stick of gum can steer us away from a sugary snack.
  3. Gum can help you quit smoking. Perhaps it fills the need of having something in your mouth. Whatever the reason, some say it works. If you are diabetic and a smoker, it’s urgent that you find a way to break the habit.
  4. It helps you think by boosting blood flow to the brain through the muscle flexing from opening and closing your jaw.
  5. Chewing can relieve anxiety and stress by reducing cortisol.
  6. Gum chewing can replace destructive habits like nail biting.
  7. If you have acid reflux, chewing on gum can help ease the condition by increasing saliva and swallowing, flushing away the acid more quickly.
  8. Gum freshens breath, but I’m guessing you knew that.
  9. If you have ear trouble while flying, pop a piece of gum before take off. It might help.
  10. Gum fights off nausea.

Okay so gum CAN be great. Unfortunately, it is usually full of artificial sweeteners and some of the same chemicals used in manufacturing plastics, tires and glue! I just discovered that the FDA allows the broad term of “gum base” to refer to up to 80 undisclosed, synthetic ingredients. Even claimed natural gums can have synthetics in them.

Is there a gum that is good to chew?


Yes. Claiming to be the only all natural gum, Simply Gum is made with six ingredients:

Organic Raw Cane Sugar- Cane sugar should still be consumed in moderation, but has essential vitamins and minerals that are missing from refined table sugar. Since it’s organic, you are protected from harmful pesticides.

All Natural Chicle- Chicle comes from tapping certain trees. The substance is then boiled to the right consistency, which gives this gum its traditional, chewy texture.

Natural Flavors-Simply Gum doesn’t use artificial flavors to make their gum taste great. Real cinnamon, maple syrup, ginger, mint, fennel, and coffee are all used to make different flavors.

Organic Vegetable Glycerin– Derived from organic plant oils.

Organic Soy Lecithin-  A non GMO emulsifier that keeps ingredients from separating.

Organic Rice Flower- A gluten free flour that keeps the gum from getting too sticky.

Its also worth noting that the gum is biodegradable.

I tried several flavors and each one was delicious and unique. The flavor lasted for at least 15 minutes, which greatly surpasses many unhealthy brands. My favorites were ginger and mint. Each one helped combat nausea, which a lot of diabetics suffer from.


This gum does have sugar, so consume in moderation. But overall, it can be a healthy addition to a diabetic’s lifestyle. While it is best to brush your teeth after meals, gum chewing can be a good option if you just can’t. You can buy Simply Gum from their site or Thrive Market. So throw a pack in your purse or pocket for a healthier smile.