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Can Electronics Make Diabetes Worse?

by Karyn Michelle Wofford

It is all around us, we can’t escape it…Electromagnetic radiation . Cell phones, computers, televisions, appliances, they all have an electromagnetic field that has the potential to make us sick.



Simply put, radiation. Our bodies can only handle so much, some people can handle more than others. When we have reached the maximum load, symptoms begin to present themselves.

What are the symptoms?

A wide variety have been reported, but the most common are:



Stomach Disturbances

Decreased Immunity

Skin Rashes

How does this affect diabetes?

If you look at the symptoms, each one can have a dramatic affect on blood sugar. Anxiety and fatigue cause the body to produce cortisol, which causes insulin resistance. Stomach problems can cause dehydration and might disrupt the delicate diabetic diet. With the immune system compromised, we have a higher likelihood of getting sick, which raises blood sugar levels. And of course skin rashes can lead to slow healing infections. Yikes.

Don’t Panic!

You don’t have to start packing to head to the nearest cave. But there are some things you can do to reduce the electromagnetic fog in your life.

Get rid of some electronics (Gasp!)– Yeah, I said it. We have accumulated too much. If the kids pitch a fit because you are donating one of their many game systems, introduce them to the good old-fashioned outdoors. Leave your phone inside and take a walk. If you are feeling really ambitious, say goodbye to the microwave and stick to the stove. I think we can all admit that the electronic humming from all of those machines kind of gets to us from time to time.

Just get away- Take a vacation or a day trip and ban the gadgets. I can completely understand wanting a phone around for emergencies…but keep it to that, no internet surfing! Carefully plan out trips and make sure there is plenty of outdoor fun. I’ll be taking a trip to the Florida Keys at the end of the month and have selected electronic free activities. (Well, as electronic free as it can get without hiking into the African jungle.) We will visit the Turtle Hospital  in Key West, the Key West Aquarium and will be doing lots of snorkeling and fishing. I feel more relaxed just thinking about it.

Fill the air with negative ions-

When electronics put off electromagnetic radiation, positive ions are released, which is NOT a positive thing. The positive ions are responsible for the bad side effects, including reduced blood flow to the brain. Himalayan Salt Lamps are used to place negative, cleansing ions in the air. The lamps have received promising reviews and users state that they saw improvement in overall health, the following benefits in particular:

Lower stress levels

Better mood

Reduced allergies and asthma

Increased energy

Better sleep


I have been using the fair trade SoWell Rare White Himalayan Salt lamp for a week. First of all, the lamp is absolutely beautiful and comes with a dimming cord to adjust to your preferred lighting. The look of the lamp itself is extremely calming. I leave the lamp on while I’m home. While I’m not an allergy sufferer, I do feel as if the air is a bit cleaner, and I’ve been sleeping like a rock. SoWell prides themselves on lamps that pull toxins out of the air and promote overall wellness. Each gorgeously shaped lamp is carved out of the Himalayan Mountains by artisans that are paid fairly for their hard work.

So there you have it, electronics are making it even harder for our bodies to function. As if diabetes isn’t enough on its own! Anyway, we must make the best of it…so reduce the load and increase the negativity! Ions that is.