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Drinking Away Diabetes

You might think mostly of food when planning your diet, but what you drink can affect your blood glucose and weight just as much! By consistently drinking the right beverages, you can work towards eliminating your diabetes symptoms.

What to drink

Water is the obvious choice, because it hydrates you and does not contain extra sugar or fat.

If you’re looking for a bit more flavor, you might want to consider unsweetened teas. Carbonated water with mint, cucumbers, or strawberries can satisfy your soda craving.

Died soda drinks do not have much sugar, if any. They use artificial sweeteners to create the same sensation of sugar. While these drinks may not raise your blood glucose levels, they have recently been linked with liver damage. You can have diet sodas occasionally, but don’t drink them every day! You don’t want to hurt your long term health in other ways.

Low-fat milk and 100% juice with no added sugars are two other good options. Low sodium vegetable juice can provide the same satisfaction as fruit juice but without the carbs!


What NOT to drink

Anything with a lot of sugar will dramatically affect your blood glucose levels and cause weight gain, such as soda, sweetened tea, lemonade, fruit drinks, and energy drinks.