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Maximizing Insulin Absorption

by Karyn Michelle Wofford

Injecting insulin is an indirect way to provide the body with the vital hormone, so it is important to do everything we can to help the body use it efficiently. We can’t take injectable insulin for granted…because we could eventually become resistant to it, which causes many complications and weight gain. It can be easy to increase your body’s insulin using abilities.

Rotate Injections Sites


I get very comfortable with stomach injections because it’s easily accessible, especially in the winter when I have on jeans and my bulky sweater sleeves are difficult to roll up. But if you repeatedly inject in the same spot, you can develop lipohypertrophy, which is an accumulation of awkward, bulky fat. This fat reduces absorption of insulin. Although needles are tiny these days, they still cause scar tissue in frequently used sites, which also disrupts insulins path. So go in the bathroom ( or a secluded place if nearby restrooms are unsanitary) and pull that arm out of your sleeve or inject in the thigh.

Some sites are better than others

I realize this contradicts my last statement, but there’s no denying science. Injecting in certain sites allows for a faster reaction, starting with the stomach, then arms, and onto the thighs and buttocks. Still rotate, but it’s nice to keep this in mind if you are experiencing some dangerous blood sugar levels and need a fast reaction.


Exercise is an incredible medicinal tool…especially for diabetes. Not only does it improve mood, weight, cravings, insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels (I could go on), but it helps distribute insulin more quickly by getting all of your fluids pumping.



We know diet is a huge part of managing diabetes. It determines a lot as far as our overall health is concerned. Diet also controls how well insulin is absorbed. Certain foods, like herbs and spices rev up our body’s ability to use insulin (for example turmeric and spicy peppers). The perfect diet for insulin usage and overall diabetic health is, in my opinion, the Mediteranean Diet. The Mayo Clinic states it can fight off many diseases too.

The diet is mainly plant based, focusing on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, legumes, seeds, herbs, spices, and healthy plant based fats like olive oil. The diet allows for consumption of non fried fish and seafood twice a week but advises that we should try to steer clear of red meat and sweets. Chicken eggs and dairy are encouraged in moderation…and even a little red wine!

I would call this a way of living rather than a diet because the food spectrum is so wide and delicious. It’s obvious when looking at this eating plan that it is an optimal solution.

The food in the Mediteranean Diet supports insulin sensitivity, absorption and overall health.

Last Resort

If you are struggling with insulin absorption and need help getting over the hump, medications like Metformin can help. Adding more medication to your lifestyle should be a last resort as side effects can be harsh and difficult to live with. Talk to your doctor before making any major changes to your lifestyle.