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Summer Snacks Compilation

by Karyn Michelle Wofford

It’s that time again, time for a healthy snack compilation, and we are featuring summertime goodies!

Nana Joes Granola


You haven’t tasted granola if you’ve never tried Nana Joes. All the flavors are unique, healthy and insane good, but the Urban Radish Blend has that summer vibe. The blend is grain free with coconut, nuts, seeds and sweet apricots. Granola is generally high in sugar. Although the portions are small, there’s only 4 grams of sugar in this one, and a little is very satisfying.

Sprogs Rice Scooters


Sprogs is a San Francisco based company that is working toward shipping their product nationwide so everyone can enjoy them. For now, you have to live in the area to enjoy this super fresh rice square filled with various veggies and meats. If you have ever had those Asian rice balls (Onigiri) wrapped in seaweed, these are sort of similar, but more diverse. They are made from only the best ingredients, like local brown rice, kimchi, shiitake mushrooms, egg, chicken and so on. My favorite is the Kale and Kimchi Rice Scooter.

Fuller Foods Serious Cheesy Puffs


What’s summer without a crunchy snack to munch on by the pool? These cheese puffs blow Cheetos out of the water with its real ingredients and unique flavors like Asiago Black Pepper, Jalapeno Blue Cheese (my favorite) and Siracha Cheddar. No preservatives, non GMO, real cheese…perfection.

Little Belgian Speculoos


I think diabetic’s should certainly enjoy sweets every now and then. The problem comes in when diabetics indulge in concentrated, artificial forms of sugar that send glucose levels speeding north. Speculoos are traditional, simple, real cookies that are native to, you guessed it, Belgium. They come in adorable shapes that are perfect for summer parties and cook outs.

Coracao Confections Cocao Boulders


These indulgent chocolate spheres are rich and slightly cake like. Coracao has designed them to be low glycemic, making them perfect for a diabetic dessert. Serve them in cute dishes with berries and a dab of whipped cream. You will win serious brownie points (pun intended) at your next barbecue!

Drew’s Greek Olive Dressing with Veggies


Drew’s has a line of all natural and organic dressings. All flavors, like Thai Lime, are unique and delicious. You can find classics, like Ranch, as well. A bowl of veggies dipped in the Greek Olive Dressing screams summer. It’s a bonus that it has zero sugar, carbs and cholesterol.

Drew’s Organic Quinoa, Flax and Chia Salsa

Another cookout staple, this organic salsa not only tastes great, but has blood sugar stabilizing flax as well as nourishing quinoa and chia. This isn’t Drew’s only awesome salsa, their pineapple, mango and fire roasted variations are at the top of my list too. If you are looking for a good, nutritious chip, try Organic Late July Chips.

Pick Your Own Berries


The Pick Your Own site directs you toward farms, orchards, vineyards ect that let you pick your own basket full of delicious produce. Since it’s summer, and they are generally lower sugar fruits, head out to pick ripe blueberries, blackberries and strawberries straight from the field. While strawberries are reaching the end of their season, blackberries are in full swing and blueberries are getting there. We have already been three times this season. It’s great exercise for you and the kids, and the reward of your hard work is super sweet!

Daisy Cottage Cheese

With all of that freshly picked fruit, you need something to pair it with. Daisy is one of the few brands that uses simple ingredients; milk, salt and cream. The result is a hearty staple for any snack or meal. It’s creamy, rich, smooth and healthy. Balance out the carbs in your granola by sprinkling it over cottage cheese. Or top it with avocado, tomatoes, nuts and bell pepper for a savory lunch. Daisy also makes a great summer salad topping. The possibilities are endless.

Rick’s Pick Classic Sours

Toss a few on a sandwich or snack on them straight from the jar. Rick’s pickles are a nutritious, low carb snack perfect for the beach or pool.

Make sure you are enjoying plenty of the season’s fresh produce! That’s one of the best parts of summer, in my opinion. Keep an eye out for the next snack compilation.